Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way is a book for users of the Vim editor who want to learn how to customize Vim.

It is not a guide to using Vim. Before reading this book you should be comfortable editing text in Vim and know what terms like "buffer", "window" and "insert mode" mean.

The book is divided roughly into three sections:

The book is copyright 2013 by Steve Losh, all rights reserved. You can redistribute this HTML version as long as you don't make any changes and don't charge for it.

The book will always be free to read online.

You can buy an ebook (PDF, epub, mobi) version for $8 on Leanpub.

You can buy a paperback copy for $20 on Lulu.

You can buy a hardcover copy for $40 on Lulu.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgements
  1. Prerequisites
  2. Echoing Messages
  3. Setting Options
  4. Basic Mapping
  5. Modal Mapping
  6. Strict Mapping
  7. Leaders
  8. Editing Your Vimrc
  9. Abbreviations
  10. More Mappings
  11. Training Your Fingers
  12. Buffer-Local Options and Mappings
  13. Autocommands
  14. Buffer-Local Abbreviations
  15. Autocommand Groups
  16. Operator-Pending Mappings
  17. More Operator-Pending Mappings
  18. Status Lines
  19. Responsible Coding
  20. Variables
  21. Variable Scoping
  22. Conditionals
  23. Comparisons
  24. Functions
  25. Function Arguments
  26. Numbers
  27. Strings
  28. String Functions
  29. Execute
  30. Normal
  31. Execute Normal!
  32. Basic Regular Expressions
  33. Case Study: Grep Operator, Part One
  34. Case Study: Grep Operator, Part Two
  35. Case Study: Grep Operator, Part Three
  36. Lists
  37. Looping
  38. Dictionaries
  39. Toggling
  40. Functional Programming
  41. Paths
  42. Creating a Full Plugin
  43. Plugin Layout in the Dark Ages
  44. A New Hope: Plugin Layout with Pathogen
  45. Detecting Filetypes
  46. Basic Syntax Highlighting
  47. Advanced Syntax Highlighting
  48. Even More Advanced Syntax Highlighting
  49. Basic Folding
  50. Advanced Folding
  51. Section Movement Theory
  52. Potion Section Movement
  53. External Commands
  54. Autoloading
  55. Documentation
  56. Distribution
  57. What Now?